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These are the main types of commercial photo and video services I get asked to provide, click to see more.

Services - product photography
Services - headshots, staff photos
Services - site, location photos
Services - business videos
Services - 3D modeling
Services - hair competition photos
Services - event photography or video
Training videos

Services FAQ

How does it work?

Normally you would get in contact and describe your project so I can give you an estimate. If we seem to be a good fit then we plan the project, shoot it, edit/revisions, and then launch the work.

What do your services cost?

It is really variable, most photography projects are a half a day and video about 1-2 days. Check my rates here. For an estimate the best thing is to get in contact with some details about your project. I have put indications in each service area of the typical range to expect.

Shouldn’t you be a specialist, why don’t you have a “niche”?

My specialty is helping people solve visual communication problems and having good taste. The photography or video we make needs to have a purpose and help the customers on their journey. Having a niche, in say headshots, is limiting because you need a partner who understands business more than someone who only knows how to push the button on a camera and make a pretty picture. Hire a business person who knows how to take a photo, but more importantly why you are making them!