None photography stuff I am into, and you might be as well?


God who knows?? I have added indications on the pages below but it depends heaps on the project. Usually, I want you to cover any costs, and I am putting in my time and experience because this is my idea of fun!


Here are a few of the most common questions I get.

It depends on the type of shoot of course. I have a home studio that gets great results for studio lighting eg fitness, or things where you might want some privacy, like boudoir. Otherwise, we go somewhere local, like a park and try to time it for pretty light. I can also go to beaches, Ruapuke is awesome, and I am in Tauranga one weekend a month. We can talk more about it when you book.

Send me an email or message on the form below with an idea of what you want us to make together, we can talk more and figure something out.

Yes, no problem. Just let me know and I will send the bank information for payments.

Perfect, I am excited by that, lets do it.

Based in Hamilton, Waikato