Professional Product Photographer Shots

Looking for professional product photos by a Hamilton photographer?

Product shots let people see what your product looks like and what sort of person needs it.

“The experience was professional and genuine… the final results took my breath away!”


Catalogue Photography

Clean and accurate shots showing the real colours etc These are normally point of sale shots, just before a purchase.

Advertising Photography

Who is your product for? Often advertising shots are lifestyle or aspirational orientate. They show your best potential client enjoying the benefits of using your product. In the case above for Essenza coffee beans the message was “Made local, popular everywhere”. Advertising is often to cold customers so it needs to be attention grabbing

Product Photographer Pricing



Covers small and medium size products being photographed in my studio, and the editing for a “on white” finish.



To cut your product off the background (transparent background) for use on websites with non white backgrounds or close proximity graphics/text



Send me a message describing your use and I can give you an estimate with a few options.

Product Photographer FAQ

Send me a message (below) and let me know when, where, and roughly what you want. I can check my calendar and we can go from there.

I haven’t come across anything I can’t do yet, so just let me know eg if you have a style or brand guideline.

When you message, just let me know and I can make sure I allocate enough time to get it done in one go. If it’s catalogue shots then with scale and a repetitive edit there will likely be a price advantage for you.

After the work is complete and you are happy, I will send an invoice with the business bank account information.

Based In Hamilton, Waikato