Professional headshots

Looking for professional headshots by a Hamilton photographer?

How you present yourself in professional settings directly affects how you are perceived. Once you know your brand, then get headshots that reinforce those values.

These are amazing!!!!


Onsite Studio Light

Normally shot in a meeting room or open space. Super fast for when you want the least disruption to your workday.

Natural Light

Some businesses like an environmental shot, especially if the setting relates to your profession.


While I am onsite, why not get some team shots? A few places I go have an annual all-hands photo on the wall in reception.

Headshots Pricing

One Person


1-9 base package


+1 Person

$15 each

For each extra person/team shot above 9 on the Base Package

Team shot


I have a full headshots guide online for free, if you want lots of extra info… click here!

Headshots FAQ

Send me a message (below) and let me know when, where, and roughly what look you want. I can check my calendar and we can go from there.

I can probably help out if you let me know. The sort of things that come up are skin issues, background swaps, cropping/format etc

Just get me back in for new staff and I will make sure they are consistent. For historical shoots to match or a style guideline then share it with me and I will give you the same look. If you have sites long distances away then show me or the other photographer the look you want and then as professionals we can normally match the setup or lighting,

After the work is complete and you are happy, I will send an invoice with the business bank account information.

Based In Hamilton, Waikato