Hair Competition Photographer

Looking for professional hair competition photos by a Hamilton photographer?

You have put so much hard work into making your creation, lets make sure the photography isnt the thing holding you back during the competition judging.

Five Stars


Salon Shoot

If you are doing the styling at your salon and the hair and makeup person is there then I can setup a backdrop and lights in your space as well.

My Studio Shoot

If space is short, or you are coming from various locations then I am happy to have the finished models come to my little studio space for the photos. This can also be good if there is a high volume of models.

Event cover

Check out my events page for more information but I have shot regionals and the national competition before with no worries. Normally I have an area to get shots of all the models, and I can also cover some of the stage events if there is no overlap eg prize giving.


Optional Extras

  • Special editing or retouching @$100/hr
  • Travel outside Hamilton, $1/km based on Google “Hamilton to x”, then times 2 for the return trip.

Hair Competition Photographer FAQ

Send me a message (below) and let me know when, where, and roughly what look you want eg numbers. I can check my calendar and we can go from there.

I can probably help out if you let me know what you have in mind. Creativity appears to be rewarded so I will do everything I can to help.

Everyone on the day contributes to your success. I have noticed that the model selection can make a big difference so try and pick someone with a strong look. Judges don’t seem to respond well to things they have seen a million times before so do a bit of research on past entries and current trends by market leaders. Embrace your voice, what do you care about or find easy that others find hard, not sure… ask those around you what they think your style is.

After the work is complete and you are happy, I will send an invoice with the business bank account information. to either yourself or the salon.


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