Event Photographer

Looking for professional event photos by a Hamilton photographer?

How you present yourself in professional settings directly affects how you are perceived. Once you know your brand, then get photos that reinforce those values.

“From the first point of contact up to and beyond the delivery of our photos, Tony has been personable and professional.”


Onsite Photobooth

For some types of events, it can add some buzz by providing a photobooth. I have all the gear to do that, just let me know.

Covering the crowd

Great for getting people to share about your event just after it happened. Also, great material to promote the next one. These photos are all about reactions and feelings.

Covering the entertainment

This photography is to show the value… what people got to experience by being at your event. Its things like the vendors, any stage activity, competitions, speakers, rides, who’s who, etc


Optional Extras

  • Special editing or retouching @$100/hr
  • Travel outside Hamilton, $1/km based on Google “Hamilton to x”, then times 2 for the return trip.

Event Photographer FAQ

Send me a message (below) and let me know when, where, and roughly what you want covered, so I can give you an estimate.

After the work is complete and you are happy, I will send an invoice with the business bank account information.


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