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About - Hamilton photographer Tony McKay

Tony McKay

Hamilton Photo + Video

I am definitely going to write something awesome about myself here… sometime?? But really, I don’t know what to say. In the early days, I shot a lot of weddings and more recently worked for leading Hamilton brands, along with shooting hundreds of portrait sessions. Being Hamilton based has meant shooting a lot in Auckland and BOP, which is awesome. Some jobs are flash, and some are simple, but they are all awesome in their own unique way. My preference is for a relaxed experience with people moving forward!


Are you married? Yes, 25+ years or so and two children (Wilkie and Daisy)

Got a bad habit? I drink way to much coffee and probably should be a bit more active, and by probably I mean definitely.

Goals? If I could have a loft-style studio space one day then I would be pretty wrapped, I don’t need it for work really but I just want it to feel cool.

Favorite colour? I love earthy tones and maybe it’s not a popular choice but rusty brown spins my wheels.

Any advice for businesses hiring a photographer? I would say that it’s just as important to have a great experience as it is to get good results. Life is too short to not enjoy the journey. At the start of every project, I will ask who it’s for, and what problem you are solving… everything tends to fall into place in terms of what to make after that.

Tony out filming in the bush

Head over to the contact page and send me a message, lets’s make this happen. If you want to see some more general samples then my Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for examples of current commercial work!