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Studio Sessions

Description: 1 hour

Description: 1 hour

In nature or at a location, like your home. These are natural light photos so we can do light/bright, or dark/moody.

Using the studio space is perfect if you want to keep warm and comfortable. Natural light and studio light options.

Shoot rain or shine


Fast setup and lighting changes

As much space as you want


Rain, fog, water. sunsets etc



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Get in contact




What should i wear?

I feel self concious...

Whatever makes you feel beautiful. Buy a few outfits that feel wonderful to have on your body. Your personal taste should shine through, so it might be pretty, or maybe spicy. We often start with an outer layer like a robe, and then try various outfits and combinations on or off during the shoot. Sometimes props can be used as well as outfits, like a sheet.

That is totally normal. It takes about 15 mintues before you adjust and then probably wont think about it anymore. We only shoot what you are happy with and there is not pressure to do anything else. Through posing and wardrobe selection we can create the feeling in the images you want, and de emphasis what you dont want.

Can I get prints through you?

Who will see my Photos?

Yes. I understand that shoots like this can be personal and I am happy to provide prints, frames or books.

You are in control. On your end you get all the shots. You may want to share some publicly, or keep some to a limited audience, like a partner. Its up to you. On my end I would love to share some to encourage others to give book as well. Most people see I only show good work so are not worried, some want to know which ones, and some want their shoot completely private eg I delete the shoot after you confirm you have downloaded the shots. You are in control

Elegant and timeless...

boudoir for the modern woman

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