Hard Work Photography

Studio Session

You come to my home studio and we work on body shots. We time the shoot around a goal, like end of your cut for competition. The lighting is studio lights to show all your work.

Location Session

This is fitness photos, but in the sense of showing a healthy person out and about doing things. Examples like where you might not be a professional athlete, but have reached a personal goal. Feeling awesome, but out in nature or with a partner is what we are going for here.

Fitness Stock

Are you a coach, influencer, or have product you need represented. This option is for when you want lots of photos with a nice simple natural edit. We take a pass on the chit chat and just bust out any many shots as we can think on in the time we have.


I love helping people put a mark in time on their development, but I have also learnt that its very individual. Some people are trying to be big, some fast, some with personal goals… whatever it is then thats what we want to try and capture. You might be a new mum who is just trying to find “normal” again. Perhaps you have some challenges, like wheelchair bodybuilding… the photos are about celebrating your goal.


The process is simple. Get in touch and organise a time/location with me. Then we figure out what success looks like for you. I know with bodybuilders we might work hard on getting that one killer shot. For coaches it might be a range of stock photos for their social media… no worries, got you covered.


A lot of that is on your build/preparation, mainly the nutrition side. You know this though, lots of lean muscle. OK, but what tricks can help at the shoot. Get a tan. The darker you are the more muscular you look. At the shoot, use something on your skin to give it a sheen. The light catches the high points, the tan darkens the low points, = look bigger. If its at the studio I have some weights to help get a pump. Wear as little as possible eg stage/posing costumes are great.

We will work something out. If you dont know what to do then I can direct you a bit but also give you something to do that looks right. If you are a runner, we will get you to run. If you are lifting weights and have good form, we can shoot you doing that.

If you are struggling to know what to wear, I have a few links on my resource page that may help.