Commercial work I have shot recently



Some clean natural images and lifestyle shots, depending on the brand

Reel: Karibou Kids on Instagram

Teaser video for new season range

Reel: Beach Hop 2024

Overview of an event

Clips from recent shoots I have loved the result of

Recent Video Clips

A finished piece

What my experience also brings you

AI Tools

Swapping background, generating content on shots, photo cleanup etc. The shot above is the real campervan (Action Manufacturing) placed on an AI generated background. This was to keep the km down and get a location we were not able to find locally.


Making all the images have personality. What sort of people are we drawing in with the photos/video and does it make them feel something.


We need shots of what it is, the product, but I would love to also give images to support the Zempire community. That could be discussion points like locations or support equipment, related information, hints and trick… anything that gives value and is of interest… to get people talking