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Wedding Videographer

Your wedding videographer is different from your photographer. I am telling a story with pictures, sound, and the way sequences are put together. My videos show what happened and was said on the day, rather than being whatever is trendy photography in hipster wedding magazines… its the real you and emotions of the day… it will make you feel something so is an awesome compliment to the photos.

I’m a relaxed wedding videographer. I mostly work within a few hours drive from Hamilton so, Waikato, Auckland, and BOP areas. Like you, I am after a relaxed fun day with no stress… exciting is fine, just not stress. We have a bit of a plan going into the wedding and then see what happens. If you like what you see here then you can expect something similar if you book too.

Video Portfolio

Screenshots from wedding videos

The Day

Most of the day I would be recording what is going on and you will look great naturally. Sometimes I might suggest a place to do something if the light is prettier, but it’s still you being your natural self. If you want some bridal party cover then we can put some time aside for that, often just natural fun posing, nothing stressful, or that you need to worry about… you can walk and hold hands aye? Your bridal party will no doubt have some great ideas as well. I love it when we can make time for some shots of just the two of you as a beautiful couple, perhaps at sunset. It will be fun and you will look amazing!

Wedding Videographer Price

After videoing a lot of weddings I have come down to one base package that you can add things onto, but it is what 90% of people end up wanting. I can customize things for you if there is something particular you have in mind.

Base Package – $2800

Wedding Videographer cover for 8-10 hours.

Full picture and audio of Ceremony and Speeches as separate videos

Long wedding film of the day, approx. 10-15 min

Short wedding film, approximately 3-5 minutes



$2/km travel outside of Hamilton (covers car/petrol/time)

$750 Rush Fee, for when you want everything delivered 48hrs after the wedding.

$750 Second Videographer

$150 Video messages from guests

We can talk more about your plans and ideas on a zoom chat… or just book ($500 non-refundable deposit and contract)

Wedding Examples

Click on a picture below to see more, these are highlights videos.


Wedding Videographer FAQ

How do I book?

Just send me a message. Make sure you mention your date so I can check my calendar. Booking involves a signed contract and a $500 non-refundable deposit.

Should we get a second wedding videographer?

Probably not but maybe? Most of the day you aren’t missing anything by having one wedding videographer. The only times I would recommend getting an extra person is if you want both sides getting ready covered but you are very far apart. I can’t be in two places at the same time unfortunately and being super rushed can effect my results. The other occasion for a second shooter is in ceremony settings where the videographer can’t move around. That might be super small buildings or where there are rules, eg some churches, about people not moving during the ceremony or not using tripods for cameras. Otherwise, dont stress on it and enjoy the feeling of not having cameras in your face all day.

How do I select a wedding videographer?

Look at the sample videos and if you like how those come across then you know they can do the same for you. It’s also important to get someone who matches the energy you want on the day. Ring or organize a Zoom call to see if the vibe is right while you get your questions answered. The only thing you want on your mind on the wedding day is getting married and having a great day.

We only have $1000, what can you do for that?

You should spend that money on nice booze or a wedding album and prints from your photographer, honestly. I don’t know anyone in business who would give you any sort of decent result for that unfortunately. You might get someone new to the industry but they will be inexperienced so probably annoy the photographer all day but you might find a rough gem, but also shall we say… results may vary.

What if we have to change the date or cancel?

For Covid, I am just doing a 100% refund, its not your fault so it would be stink to keep deposits, etc for something out of our control. If you decide to cancel or postpone, then normally I would give you a refund of all money paid apart from the deposit (which pays for work done so far and because I have said no to others wanting to book your day).

The wedding videographer contract looks scary?

I haven’t had any issues but its an industry thing to use a contract. Everything that is in it is based on a situation that might come up eg if a guest interferes with my gear, or I have a camera failure, then it will effect the results you get. If you have any questions then let me know but generally the contract is used to confirm what you are buying and at what price, along with some terms and conditions. Once its signed I cant think of any occasion I have had to go back and look at it again. I guess its insurance for us both about the agreement we are making.

What are some hints for us?

I will need a headstart most of the day so I can setup my equipment before you arrive. You can use that time for some photos with your photographer or just hang out for drinks.

Video is about motion and often photography is about being still so I will come to the bridal party photos for a little bit then probably head back and get guest shots and mingling. Often the poses the photographer needs to get don’t translate well to video. However… I do want 15 minutes with you both at some point, preferable in pretty sunset or twilight light. Just let the photographer know you are all theirs for most of the day but I would like to direct you for just a tiny bit of time. They can get shots too so it’s a win/win.

Your wedding videographer gets hungry by the end of the day so it would be awesome to organize a meal with catering. It’s hard to get good eating shots so dinner is the perfect time to take a break and re-energize for the evening. I guess the only other thing is to let me know if anything special is happening, like gifts or choreographed dance, etc, that way I can be ready for it when it happens.

How long does a wedding videographer stay?

It depends on what’s happening, I don’t have fixed times. I want to get everything, but also leave you to have some space. Often after some dancing things start to get the same so I might come to find you and see if it’s the right time to head off. If you are all jumping in the pool at 1 am then I am 100% staying for that.

When will I get the videos?

Normally the Short video is ready on a blog post for you to share 2 weeks after the wedding and the Ceremony, Speeches, and Long Video are ready 4 weeks from the wedding day. I will send a link to a page where you can view, share, and download all the videos.

Wedding videographer capturing speeches