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Wedding Photographer

Let me ask a question that will help you know if I am right for you straight away. Do you want memories of your wedding day or do you want the vision of your wedding photographer who will stage you for whatever is trendy on Instagram. I totally get wanting to look like a cool hipster… there are lots of photographers out there that are awesome at making you act like models in wedding magazines. However, if you want a really good version of who you actually are and what happened at your wedding… then I’m your wedding photographer. If you are laughing in a shot, I want it to be because something was funny and you are happy

I am a relaxed wedding photographer. I mostly work within a few hours drive from Hamilton so, Waikato, Auckland, and BOP areas. Like you, I am after a relaxed fun day with no stress… exciting is fine, just not stressed. We have a bit of a plan going into the wedding and then see what happens. If you like what you see here then you can expect something similar if you book too.


Wedding photographer shot of Indian pagan wedding at Rosenvale
A laugh between the bride and groom at woodlands estate
Vintage wedding couple at Rosenvale Venue
Bride and groom dancing on lawn at night
Chilled wedding photographer that fits in with relaxed couple
Bride and groom in sun show and long grass
Bride and groom at sunset in field
Coopers wedding ceremony by wedding photographer
Persian wedding ceremony in New Zealand
Bride and groom jump in river for swim
Marae wedding with photographer onsite

The Day

Most of the day I would be recording what is going on and you will look great naturally. Sometimes I might suggest a place to do something if the light is prettier, but it’s still you being your awesome self. If you want some bridal party cover then we can put some time aside for that, often just natural fun posing, nothing stressful, or that you need to worry about… you can walk and hold hands aye? Your bridal party will no doubt have some great ideas as well. I love it when we can make time for some shots of just the two of you as a beautiful couple, perhaps at sunset. It will be fun and you will look amazing!


After a few hundred weddings as the photographer, I have found what I feel is a good base package for most people. I have some add ons if you feel like it but this should see you right. You get a wedding photographer for 8-10 hours covering your day, a few sneak peek shots next day, and the rest of your photos within 2 weeks. Normally people get me in for a bit of getting ready and I stay through till we have got some dancing shots at the party (but whatever you want)

Base Package – $2500

We would talk about your plans and ideas on a zoom chat… or just book ($500 non-refundable deposit and contract)


$2/km travel outside of Hamilton (covers car/petrol/time)

$300 Engagement shoot

$250 Rush Fee, for when you want everything delivered 48hrs after the wedding.

$750 Second Photographer

Wedding Examples

Select any of the weddings below to get a feel for how I photograph.

Anjel and Zane exchanging rings during wedding ceremony
Shannon and Jaison in a field at sunset hugging
Louise in chair in field kissing Logan
Raglan wedding

Wedding Photographer FAQ

How do I book?

Just send me a message. Make sure you mention your date so I can check my calendar

Should we get a second wedding photographer?

Probably not but maybe? Most of the day you aren’t missing anything by having one wedding photographer. The only times I would recommend getting a second shooter is if you want both sides getting ready covered but you are very far apart. I can’t be in two places at the same time unfortunately and being super rushed can affect the results. If you are closer I can just swing between you both at the right times. The other occasion for a second shooter is in ceremony settings where the photographer can’t move around. That might be super small buildings or where there are rules, eg some churches don’t allow people to move during the ceremony. Otherwise, don’t stress on it and enjoy the feeling of not having cameras in your face all day.

How do I select a wedding photographer?

Look at the sample videos and if you like them then you know I can do the same for you. It’s also important to get someone who matches the energy you want on the day. Ring or organize a Zoom call to see if the vibe is right while you get your questions answered. The only thing you want on your mind on the wedding day is getting married and having a great day.

Most people look at the price and the pictures and stop there… but I think you should talk to them as well. We spend a lot of time together on the day and you have to make sure we will vibe. You don’t want someone annoying you at your wedding. If you are not a high-energy person then don’t get a wedding photographer that is, they will drive you batty and be in your face all day. On the other hand, if you are, then make sure you don’t get a wallflower who won’t push your eggy personality out during photos.

Vintage Raglan wedding with dance down aisle
When the wedding photographer say jump in the pool

What if we have to change the date or cancel?

For Covid, I am just doing a 100% refund, its not your fault so it would be stink to keep deposits. If you decide to cancel or postpone, then I would give you a refund of all money paid apart from the deposit (which pays for work done so far and because I have said not to others wanting to book your day).

The wedding photographer contract looks scary?

I haven’t had any issues but it’s an industry thing to use a contract. Everything that is in it is based on a situation that might come up. If a guest interferes with my gear, or I have a camera failure, then it will affect the results you get. If you have any questions then let me know but generally, the contract is used to confirm what you are buying and at what price, along with some terms and conditions. Once it’s signed I cant think of any occasion I have had to go back and look at it again. I guess it’s insurance for us both about the agreement we are making.

What are some hints from a wedding photographer?

I work with all sorts of people as a wedding photographer and some want lots of discussion and planning, others are happier with something loose. The main things I will ask you for are any times and locations so I can make the plan for my movement. I will also suggest some things like you make a window around sunset for us to go get some photos.

You will need to give me a meal at dinner time if I am staying on for the night, it helps me not be cranky but mainly to get the energy back up after a long day. Probably the most helpful thing is to allow more time than you think for most things, esp pre-ceremony. There are not many weddings where I don’t end up rushing through shots just before you leave for the ceremony because something ran over and time is short.

The number one thing you can do for better photos is to plan for your idea of an awesome day and dont feel too pressured to have the standard wedding. That will make the best photos, if you are both having your idea of fun.

brides walking down path at sunset

How long does a wedding photographer stay?

It depends on what’s happening, I don’t have fixed times. I want to get everything, but also leave you to have some space. Often after some dancing things start to get the same. I might come to find you and see if it’s the right time to head off. If you are all jumping in the pool at 1 am then I am 100% staying for that.

When will I get the photos?

I normally send through some sneak peeks the next day, just an overview of the day. The rest of the photos can take up to 2 weeks. You are licensed to use the photos any way you want apart from commercial use (selling them advertising uses). You can copy them, edit them, print, give them away to family, etc.

How many photos will I get?

People sometimes want to know how many photos they will get. You will get enough. Normally for me, it is about 400 unique shots or so, it depends on the day. Wet days or when not much happens, the number is lower, but when heaps are going on then it might be higher. I used to do higher numbers when it was trendy like 1200+ but it’s a wedding industry trick. Nothing more happened and you just end up with a lot of very similar shots with slight variations. How many do you need? I meet up with a lot of couples again over the years as I do their maternity or family shots and this is what I hear. You will probably post up to several hundred on social media straight away. Most people print 3-10 for at home, with 1-3 being big prints (probably the sunset shots).

Some couples make an album that is typically around 75 shots including printed covers. Album layout normally averages 2-4 shots per spread (double pages open in front of you). Albums look better with fewer shots per spread, rather than cramming more in. Your family often prints some of the family portraits for their walls. But that’s about it, so how many pictures do you need… possibly not as many as you think.

Go for quality rather than quantity when comparing packages.