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Tony McKay Resume

My professional background is split into two parts. After University I went into electronics design, but for the last 10 or so years have been in the creative field of photo and video. The engineering experience helps me understand how a successful business works at a practical level. While I can take a nice photo, I think my marketing common sense helps me to make the right photo

Work Experience

2011 – current Owner/Operator of “Tony McKay Studios” creating digital visual media. The key to success for my business has been partnering with clients to discover “who it’s for” and “what it’s for”, before touching a camera.

  • Photography shoot/edit
  • Videography shoot/edit
  • Animated Graphics
  • 3D models/animation
  • Websites wordpress/squarespace
  • Adobe Suite
  • Capture One (photo)
  • Davinci Resolve (video/motion graphics)
  • Unreal Engine/Blender (3D photo/video)
  • Reality Capture/Zbrush/CHITUBOX (photoscan and 3D modeling/printing)

2008 – 2011 Engineer, Endace (owned by Emulex, Avago, Broadcom). Production Engineer. Designing and building test rigs for production. Writing work instruction.

2005 – 2008 Design Engineer, Elektron PLC (Bulgin/Arcolectric) (London). Designing high volume low cost consumer electronics (embedded hardware/software).

2002 – 2005 Design Engineer, R&D Department, Gallagher Group Limited. Designing embedded systems (electronics/programming)


2000 – 2001  Masters Degree in Science, University of Waikato, New Zealand

1997 – 1999 Degree in Science, major in Physics, University of Waikato, New Zealand

1994 – 1996 Stages 1 to 4, New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering, Waikato Polytechnic, New Zealand

1990 Stage 1, Certificate in Craft Design, Waikato Polytechnic, New Zealand


Working with the vintage lifestyle community

Renovation (working on second full reno now)


Oil Painting


Resume FAQ

Are you older? Yes, you are hiring someone with experience and good taste. I have traveled the world, worked in small and large businesses, and understand how to get things done.

What is your greatest weakness? Well apart from coffee, it would be that I have an interest in everything! It’s taken a long time to be able to focus on my niche. When I was younger I would be jumping from one passion to another weekly. Maturity has helped me to say no to distractions and finish things. The upside is that I commit 110% to the things I say yes to, living sleeping, and breathing projects.