Renée Boudoir

Just a relaxed boudoir shoot with Renée (aka Ms Tilly Divine). She was bubbly and trying a new experience so we just went slow and experimented to see what we could learn. It was fun. I asked a few questions that might be interesting for others thinking about this sort of shoot.

What were you hoping to get from the shoot? More exposure to actual shoots (have done two prior so really quite green).

How did we end up working together? Met at Anjel and Zane’s wedding and then you did my MPUNZ photoshoot and video.

How was the experience? Excellent. Really professional, and very comfortable setting.

If you were doing this again, whats something you would do different? Smile.

What would your next shoot be? Not sure…… I wouldn’t mind a more recent couples shoot (it’s been 10 years).