Professional Photographer for your services

Looking for photos of your services by a professional Hamilton photographer?

Reinforce your service offer with some pictures showing the process or outcomes of the purchase

“He always comes up with creative ideas to make the photos special and unique. You can sit back and relax and enjoy your photo session without worrying about how it will look as the result is always awesome! Highly recommended”


The Process

Showing your part or the customers in getting the result. Hopefully that it is easy and fast. Process shots and information give you a chance to address the concerns you know they will have,

The Dream Outcome

What is the change you are making in the client’s life, let’s show why that dream outcome is awesome. This might be before and after shots, lifestyle benefits, or the pain of doing nothing etc

Establish Authority

Provide proof and certainty that you can do what you are promising. Case studies from past clients, testimonials, awards, and a portfolio are some of the great ways to do this.

Professional Services Photographer Pricing

Professional Services Photographer FAQ

Send me a message (below) and let me know when, where, and roughly what look you want. I can check my calendar and we can go from there.

I can probably help out if you let me know. I have worked for a really wide range of clients so probably I will be able to help.

Lets talk. Its possible you need a sales person rather than marketing materials, but I am happy to chat about that. I am offering what has worked for me and happy to share about that.

After the work is complete and you are happy, I will send an invoice with the business bank account information.

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