Papamoa Vintage Photoshoot


I was staying at our bach at Papamoa and had just bought a new camera for professional video use... I was busting to give it a try. After a call-out on my Instagram, my friend Emma in Tauranga locked in a test shoot. We always have a chat about wardrobe and the theme for a shoot beforehand. Emma had this amazing vintage style dress that she hadn't used on photoshoots yet so Boom! we are ready to go... Papamoa Vintage Photoshoot is on!


Emma's Q&A

What were you hoping to get from the shoot?

For this particular shoot, I wanted something fun and light-hearted but also evoked hot summer days at the beach.

How did we end up working together?

We have worked together before. It's important to trust the photographer and understand their work. I also didn't want a photographer that stuck to one editing style and was happy to create images that reflected the mood of the day rather than a pre-created and over-used edit that might not be appropriate for the scene.

The theme, why this one?

The beach location kind of lent itself to this theme - plus the only outfit I readily had on hand.

How was the experience?

Really enjoyed the experience. I recommend people know what they're comfortable with so that they can push themselves to do something that feels just on the edge of what is comfortable for them.

If you were doing this again, whats something you would do different?

I would definitely invest some time in planning what I would wear, particularly if there was a particular location in mind. I would also spend money to have professional hair and make up, particularly makeup that is photo ready. It's also a good idea to look at some posing ideas so you are not static, or so that you're aware that what might feel silly in the moment can actually end up looking good in the photo.

What would your next shoot be?

Most likely a shoot to celebrate my upcoming big birthday.

And hey, if you are doing some video on a Papamoa vintage photoshoot then why not also get some photos!

Photo Gallery

Emma is a photographer, check her out.

What a day, in a relatively short time we covered so much ground. We made a video and got some stunning pictures. Papamoa Vintage Photoshoot done!

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