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Location Photography

Location photography to show people you and your products/services are professional.





Photography projects can be really variable. You may be showing your own site for your website or projects you have worked on at someone else’s site. The best thing is to get in contact and give me an idea of the brief so I can give you an estimate.

Most projects are $360-680+GST

Video is amazing for building trust and putting across a message very clearly eg “we can do the hard projects”. The effort for video can be anything from one day through to weeks so the best thing is to message me a brief or description of what you are trying to do, then I can give you an estimate.

Most are $680-2700+GST

Location photography FAQ

When can you come?

I am normally booking commercial jobs about 1-2 weeks out. If its a job that has external dependencies then those should be factored in eg weather dependent shoots.

Can you do magical edits?

Yes if photoshop is the right tool for the result you need then no problem eg sky replacements or merging multiple shots.

Location photography health and safety

If you let me know when booking about any requirements then I can bring appropriate gear or allow time for an induction. I have shot on construction sites through to the prime minister, so am adaptable. Normally any shots that could potentially go public would need reviewing for intellectual property and the H&S Officer.

What should we wear?

If you are going to have people in the photos then they need to look like they are the best version of someone doing that role. Consistency is good so if you have things like branded gear then have everyone in the same stuff, even if its just a loaner.

How long does location photography take?

It can be realtively fast but if there are people involved who have other things they need to get to then we would prioritise those shots.

My gear is chosen for nimble shooting so normally it’s a backpack and whatever I am carrying. However, if lighting is needed then I can let you know what I need to bring in from the car once I see what is being shot.

What next?

Head over to the contact page and send me a message, lets’s make this happen.