How to prepare for a couple photoshoot

You probably have questions, hopefully this helps...


LET'S Talk...

People often want to know if they will look good. I think so. Generally I will be giving you direction during the shoot and that might be specific things or more vague, depending on what I think works best for you both.

You will be great, just come along, go with the experience, and have fun.

Couple shoots are fun. We agree on a place to do it then normally hang out for an hour getting some photos in a style that suits you. I will ask a couple of questions at the start about any religious, cultural, or personal taste things I need to be aware of eg are you a touchy couple or more stoic. Maybe you are reserved for anything public, like pictures I share, but happy for intimacy for pictures you can keep control of.



beautiful organic settings

Most people want to meet at a park or nature setting. It makes sense with so many beautiful spots around Hamilton. I can recommend some spots or you might know somewhere that is sentimental to you both.

A place

For something unique

You might want to use your how, a cool book-a-bach, or maybe up town somewhere. Its for when the space is in tune with your style and the tone of the images.

Studio B

Maximum Privacy and comfort

This is the space I use when you got to get it done but its pouring with rain, or for more intimate sessions where you want some skin on skin


You are Hoons

You are Chill

If running around and lots of bum grabbing is your vibe then all good, lets get on with it. I will try and keep up with your energy and get you playing lots of fun games.

Some people are naturally a bit quieter, no worries. We set the pace a bit more relaxed and do lots of softer posing like hand holding and being together.

What should I wear?

Choose things that make you feel amazing.

Treat yourself!

Avoid bold logos and small repeating patterns. Its very popular to go with earthy or neutral light tones.

Go with comfortable, good looking, and garments that you feel awesome in.

What tone do you want?


People usually get a mixture of moods with one dominating. On one end you have soft and fun, and at the other end spicy and sexy. Nothing is good or bad, just what suits how you feel and your personality.





Should I get hair/makeup/tan done?

What if I have privacy needs?

Doubts or nervous?

I feel like I do a great job. Most people are pretty happy with the results from their shoot so I think if you just trust the process then your photos will look cool too. Let me know about anything specific when we meetup, I doubt you will surprised me with anything I haven't heard before 🙂

Possibly. Spray tanning is helpful if you have strong tan lines you feel self conscious about eg strong arm or neck lines. Hair and makeup is up to you, some people feel good with it, some are not stressed.

There are various layers to sharing. The only people who can see your images are you and me. On your end, share to the extent you are comfortable. You may not be worried at all, or you may be in a profession where you need to appear conservative... you are in control. On my end I operate under a "no surprises" policy. You will always have control of anything I share... and you can change your mind when ever you want, no questions asked.



Can you give me prints or albums?

I don't know how to pose?

Yes, the gallery I send you to download from also has an option to order prints or frames. You have the full sized files so there is no problem sourcing your own print options as well, if you prefer.

That's fine, I can direct you. I will need to hear a little bit about what you like or see reference shots though so that we head in the right direction. I don't want your to go away with regrets about wishing we had done more or less than what happened, if that makes sense.




There is something special I want...

What is the process

Can I bring a pet?

Requests and themes are good, either let me know beforehand or on the day. If you are into bunny suits or its a surprise proposal, no worries

We meet, have a quick chat then start photos. We will try a few different setups and move about if its in nature. Depending on how things go I will give you more challenges as we go... but at your pace. You normally get all your photos with in 2 weeks.



Have a look at the questions below. If you are not sure what you want then start collecting some images on a Pinterest board and share it with me so I can look for the patterns.

You will be awesome!









How should I direct you during the shoot from soft and pretty through to more spicy, how do you want to be seen or see yourself?

Do you own some nice things or know what you want to wear? Have you walked around the house in them feeling awesome!

What sort of people are you?

Where do you want to shoot this?

On the day...

- Try to be hands free for the shoot, I can hold keys or wallets in my bag

- You may want a a couple of outfit options, but no worries with one

- Bring water and snacks for before/after the shoot

- There are probably no bathrooms at place we go in nature

- Have one cool move you have practiced, maybe a dance swing, or a dip

- Sometimes one of you can be shy, if the other is driving then maybe a drink before you come