How to prepare for a boudoir photoshoot

You probably have questions, hopefully this helps...


LET'S Talk...

The second type of question is fuzzier. "Will I look good", or "I am self-conscious about someone seeing me". Questions about vulnerability are normal, but tough to answer. All I can do on that front is assure you that your session is as private as you want it to be, and that during our time together I am focused seeing all the beautiful things about you... the light on your hair, your eyes, a fingertip touching your neck. In a few weeks I will not remember what you looked like... so it never happened. Also, I am not seeing the things your harsh little inner voice whispers when you look in the mirror. It will be OK!

In my experience there has been two main types of questions before a boudoir shoot. People want to know about the process e.g. what will my pictures look like, or what should I bring, can I bring a friend etc. All that practical information is below and the more you put into being ready for the shoot the higher the chances of getting shots you are in love with.


Studio B

Maximum Privacy and comfort

I have a dedicated shooting space in central Hamilton with nice natural light and studio lighting options. Comfortable rain or shine. A place to change. Music.


beautiful organic settings

If you are hardy and love the idea of doing your shoot in the forest, the beach, or near a waterfall, then nature shoots are the way to go. We might need to time it for when the public isn't about, like early morning, or travel to somewhere out of town.

A place

For something unique

You might be able to get access to a place with cool character. Maybe your house, hiring a theatre, or a cool bookabach that is your vibe.


Light and bright

Dark and Moody

These photos are more dreamy and upbeat. They are great for smiles and happy vibes.

A lot of people like how darker photos feel. They are great for only showing what you want to be seen and tucking away everything else into shadow. Rather than showing exactly what something looks like, you are trying to show how it feels.

What should I wear?

Choose things that make you feel amazing.

Treat yourself!

Lingerie, body jewellery, a sheet, robes, a big shirt, garters/stockings, just a pair of jeans, nothing...

You will know what's right for you, but great versions of those things. Its how they make you feel when you are in them that is important.

What tone do you want?

Putting it all together

People usually get a mixture of moods with one dominating. On one end you have soft and fun, and at the other end spicy and sexy. Nothing is good or bad, just what suits how you feel and your personality.





Should I get hair/makeup/tan done?

What if I become a nun?

Doubts or nervous?

I feel like I do a great job... but I am a guy. Have you had a look around for a female photographer, or considered doing selfies? I would love you to book me, but there is no pressure... but just a little, people tell me it was worth it 🙂

Yeah. Tanning is often to even out your skin rather than going darker eg strong arm or neck lines. Hair and makeup is optional but you are likely to feel better with it done. Show the person reference shots and get advice on what might suit your look. This is their area of expertise.

There are various layers to sharing. The only people who can see your images are you and me. On your end, share to the extent you are comfortable. You may not be worried at all, or you may be in a profession where you need to appear conservative... you are in control. On my end I operate under a "no surprises" policy. You will always have control of anything I share... and you can change your mind when ever you want, no questions asked.



Can you give me prints or albums privately?

I don't know how to pose?

Yes, I understand about limiting who sees the shots, all good.

That's fine, I can direct you. I will need to hear a little bit about what you like or see reference shots though so that we head in the right direction. I don't want your to go away with regrets about wishing we had done more or less than what happened, if that makes sense.




There is something special I want...

What is the process

Can I bring a friend?

Requests and themes are good, either let me know beforehand or on the day. Obviously there are limits eg no contact with me (I have been asked, dont be that person). If you are into bunny suits or something your partner wants then no worries.

During the shoot you might have 2-3 outfits. We start more dressed and work through each outfit. For some that means mainly posing changes. For others it may be stages of undress eg removing a robe or undoing things. It is likely to feel a bit odd for the first 15 minutes, and then more natural.

I really hope you do. It makes total sense. Another option is to get hair and makeup done in the studio and pay extra to have them stay to assist or for touch-ups


Have a look at the questions below. If you are not sure what you want then start collecting some images on a Pinterest board and share it with me so I can look for the patterns.

You will be awesome!









How should I direct you during the shoot from soft and pretty through to more raunchy how do you want to be seen or see yourself?

Do you own some nice things or know what you want to wear? Have you walked around the house in them feeling awesome!

Are you feeling darker, or lighter?

Where do you want to shoot this?

On the day...

- We will talk through the flow of outfits etc when you arrive

- Have a few outfits

- Bring water and snacks

- Avoid strap marks by removing anything tight or with elastic an hour beforehand

- I have a heater but you may want to bring a loose warm layer or robe for between setups

- Make sure your body is clean/groomed and properly fed. You will feel a lot better if you don't starve yourself before the shoot