Professional Headshots

Pricing & Packages

Let's Work Together

In my studio

the team

At your site

Normally half an hour is enough but if you have a big team then it could be a bit longer to wrangle people.

15 minutes shooting time, select your shots before you leave, and edited images delivered same day.

I come to your site with studio lighting and a backdrop. About 1-2 minutes per person and we can shoot as many people as you want.

$150 first person, $25 per extra


$150 per 30 min onsite


$150 per person


On-site staff photography FAQ

Staff photography health and safety

If you let me know when booking about any requirements then I can bring appropriate gear or allow time for an induction. I have shot on construction sites through to the prime minister, so am adaptable.

What should we wear?

Normally any branded shirts or uniforms. If you choose your own clothing then something appropriate for the profession and position you represent. Sometimes I take shots of more than one outfit eg. jacket on and off, depending on the use of the images. If you have lots of staff then having some of the latest branded shirts in different sizes at the shoot can be helpful for the ones who forget.

How long does staff photography take?

I need about 30 min to set up. 5 minutes per person, then 30 min to pack up. Delivery of edited images is normally the next business day.

How much space do you need?

For On White headshots a conference/meeting room is normally big enough.