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Event Photo Or Video

Event photo or video recorded and ready to share. Help keep the buzz going after it happened and have material for promoting the next one.




Very Vintage Day Out, Kumeu

Normally $360-2700+GST

Visual media is amazing at showing the emotion and feeling of an event. You want the shots of how everyone is reacting along with what happened. It might be as simple as some photos, or the excitement of video. Project prices depend on how long the event is and the effort needed for editing. Get in touch to talk over what’s possible on your budget.

Event photo or video FAQ

Are you available?

For commercial functions it is probably happening on a weekday so you are probably safe to book a few weeks out. Public weekend events often clash with other bookings, like weddings, so its best to inquire as early as possible. If you mention the date I can let you know if I am available when you request your estimate.

Can you do magical edits?

Yes if photoshop is the right tool for a hero shot you need then no problem eg sky replacements or merging multiple shots. I can work with graphics and for video animations.

Event photo or video health and safety

If you let me know when booking about any requirements then I can bring appropriate gear or allow time for an induction if required. I have shot on construction sites through to the prime minister, so am adaptable. Normally any shots that could potentially go public would need reviewing for intellectual property and the H&S Officer. But most importantly, I know what I can and what I cant do eg working at heights.

My gear is chosen for nimble and safe shooting so normally it’s a backpack and whatever I am carrying.

What should we wear?

If you are going to have official people in the photos then they need to look like they are the best version of someone doing that role eg if you want shots behind the scenes of organizers. Consistency is good so if you have things like branded gear then have everyone in the same stuff, even if its just a loaner.

How long does event photo or video delivery take?

It can be very fast. Normally a week for everything but some media can be expedited for same/next day if you have to get something to the press.

What next?

Head over to the contact page and send me a message, lets’s make this happen.