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“Incredible, I am more than happy with the photos and I definitely had fun working with you.”

Making beautiful portrait photography with adventurous people is just the best experience ever!

Creative Photography


Getting creative photos done is a great experience. You will have lots of fun during the shoot and end up with beautiful pictures.

performer Creative Photography
Fantasy Art

Creative Photography FAQ

How does creative photography work?

I’m pretty handy with the camera and have lots of experience doing photoshoots. First we talk about the theme you are interested in and if its something unique you might send me a few reference shots. We do the shoot, and about a week or two later you get sent a link for a place to download all your files, easy!

vintage Creative Photography

What does creative photography cost?

It depends on the time and effort put into the shoot. Typically a photoshoot is 1-2 hours of shooting, 2 hours of professional editing for most themes and falls under my half day rate on my pricing page. The price can go up if more time is needed either for shooting or special edits.

Karakariki Video Portrait 1

How many photos do I get?

I will give you a copy of all the good shots in full size and web size but that number varies a lot depending on the theme. Fantasy Art shoots tend to be lower as there is a lot of editing, so maybe 5-10 hero shots. A general portrait shoot might be 50+ photos since we can shoot faster and the edits are relatively straightforward.

Postcards photo

Will I look good?

Yes, to everyone else, especially those who know you. Your internal dialog is a different beast and out of my control, but there will be some shots even the most picky people end up loving.

spring blossom photo

Best advice preparing for a shoot?

The person you are afraid of others finding out about needs to be the one who turns up for the photoshoot. You don’t need a photographer for photos of you eating a peanut butter sandwich. You get photos of extremes, so that’s what needs to happen at the shoot… be the best version of yourself possible. Not feeling it, then act as if you are and the feelings will follow.