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Every project in the commercial area takes different amounts of effort so its hard to put packages together. Most projects are between $380-$620+GST

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Who you are

Why should someone choose your product or service... why should someone work with you out of everyone similar? Maybe its your values or perhaps superior quality. You need to show people what you are all about. Reveal a bit about the team and show them why you are the right partner.


• Your "why"
• testimonials
• your place
• what it feels like

• Social media stock
• Media packs
• The team
• Sponserships

What you do

What does your product or service look and feel like. People start out by discovering you and probably want to see the results of what you offer. Then they want information about how the process works or what your product does. Finally they may need support. All these stages suit photo/text or video content.


• Process/explainer
• Information
• Aspirational

• Advertising
• Mail drops
• website
• user manuals

who its for

What does your ideal customer need, who has the problem you are solving. Where does someone like that hang out (for advertising). How do you show that you get them and are one of them...


• Creative Direction
• Visuals
• Photography
• Video

• Creative Direction
• Visuals
• Photography
• Video

Kind Words

Tony came to us and knew exactly what we needed - great quality shots that perfectly reflects what we do to our customers. Fantastic person to work with - will definitely be a returning client.

- Complete Engineering & Hydraulics


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The next step is to get in touch and talk about what you are wanting. I can normally give an estimate immediately, my prices are fair.

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